Disco Parties

Disco Party includes:20151127_120046

  • 45 Minutes of play
  • 45 Minutes of disco and games
  • 60 minutes in disco room for eating
  • Food(with different options to choose from)
  • Ice Cream
  • Unlimited Juice
  • Goody Bags including toys, balloon and sweets
  • Birthday card
  • Free entry pass for your next visit
  • Two hot drinks for party parents
  • Free slush for birthday child
  • Invitations
  • Reserved seating for party guests.
  • Access to Charlie’s Barnyard

Add on £10 to include a party host to carry out party games including pass the parcel, musical statues, musical bumps and best dance competition. Disco room also includes bubble machine.


£95 for the first ten children then £9.50 per child. (Weekends
and school holidays).

Book a party Monday to Friday (Term Time) and pay only £85 for the first ten children then £8.50 per child.