Disco Parties

Disco Party includes:20151127_120046

  • 45 Minutes of play
  • 45 Minutes of disco, karaoke and games
  • 60 minutes in disco room for eating
  • Food(with different options to choose from)
  • Ice Cream
  • Unlimited Juice
  • Goody Bags including toys, balloon and sweets
  • Birthday card
  • Free entry pass for your next visit
  • Two hot drinks for party parents
  • Free slush for birthday child
  • Invitations
  • Reserved seating for party guests.
  • Access to Charlie’s Barnyard

Add on £10 to include a party host to carry out party games including pass the parcel, musical statues, musical bumps and best dance competition. Disco room also includes bubble machine and karaoke (karaoke can only be used if adding on a party host)


£95 for the first ten children then £9.50 per child. (Weekends
and school holidays).

Book a party Monday to Friday (Term Time) and pay only £85 for the first ten children then £8.50 per child.